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Nukuʻalofa, Tonga

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whale near surface

Welcome to the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga

With Deep Blue you can choose from a range of activities from the adventurous to the more leisurely. We offer DIVING, FISHING, BOAT CHARTERS and LAND TOURS.

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Want an unforgettable dive experience?

Dive with Deep Blue Tonga; we care for the experienced thrill seeker to the first time beginner diver.

We are the only operators for ʻEua, an untouched, undiscovered divers' paradise, with Tonga's biggest cave that has an amazing light show inside. We also dive sunken wrecks and captivatingly colourful coral reefs around Tongatapu.

Our intro dive is a great opportunity to see why so many people love diving. The dive is done in safe waters with an instructor right by your side. This dive is only for 12 years or above.

Our bubble maker is something for the kids aged 8 to 12. It is an opportunity for them to learn to breath with a regulator and become comfortable under water.

2 tank day boat dives
Local, inner reefAU$ 130
Local, outer reefAU$ 180
- ʻEuaAU$ 180
Full rental equipmentAU$ 30
Padi dive courses
Open waterAU$ 500
AdvancedAU$ 440
Rescueprice on request
Dive masterprice on request
Internshipask us
Jobsask us
Intro dive
1 DSD dive (12 years and above)AU$
Snorkeling by boatAU$ 65
Whale swim
in ʻEuaAU$ 117
in ʻTongatapuAU$ 150
All prices in Australian dollars and inclusive of Tongan sales tax.


Tonga is surrounded by many beautiful reefs abundant with life. With a group of 4 buddies or family, try your hand at reef fishing and have a relaxing day out.

Reef fishing, up to 4 people
Full dayAU$ 300
Includes standard equipment rental, boat and light lunch.
All prices in Australian dollars and inclusive of Tongan sales tax.


We have boats for charter by request. For more information please email us.

We also have a BxB a short stroll from the heart of Nukuʻalofa.